Bald & Bearded Men: Need I Say More?

A number of men are rocking the bald and bearded look and it is something they are starting to enjoy as well. Are they really into it or does it have a bit of fashion influence why they patronize this trend?

This is always a question when experts try to dig deeper to such profound approaches to a man’s look.

This article has found a way to discuss and narrate some answers for those who are still figuring out why the bald and bearded look became common these days.

Beard is in Trend

The first point to note is, the beard is in trend. It is being worn by men of all ages regardless of the bald look or not. It isn’t reserved for men who are hairless. This is essential for those who want to ensure they are focused with their approach.

The beard is something that’s become popular among the masses, and the variations ensure there is more than enough variety for everyone to work with. It sort of adds some masculinity when a man wears it. The perfect grooming is well emphasized with a man who has it, one should notice.

You can still personalize the beard to give it a bit of a customized look to it, but remember one should notice your grooming when you wear one, let alone you customize it.

Balding isn’t Always an Option

Now, it is important to remember that men aren’t on either side of the fence when it comes to this look. They have to rock it because that’s the only option they have up their sleeve. Balding is a real concern and instead of rocking a wispy look that’s not appealing, they prefer to clean it up entirely.

This gives them more to work with, and that’s always a good approach to take.

Even though balding isn’t an option, the beard is, and many feel it is the perfect combination for them.

Creates Rugged Look

The one reason it has become more than a fashion influence is the rugged look you can give off. The beard is not something new, it has been around in every generation and appreciated around the world for its elegance. It is something that differentiates a man from a woman and it creates this look that many men are inspired from.

Why not take advantage of it?

This is one of the reasons most men who are rocking this look trend to cite and feel it is the best way to go for them and their needs.

In the end, the answer is, there’s a bit of both involved with the bald and bearded look. There is a fashion element to it, but there are many men who would be rocking this look regardless of what the trends stated. It is not something that is reserved for men who are fashion-forward. It is just the way men want to look and that’s important to note for those who are making a decision for themselves.

Well an important note as well for those men who still prefer to try on this trend even if they have not started to lose their hair. It does fit the trend right now especially to those (like me) who have always wanted minimal maintenance. Yet, I’m still thinking and maybe will consider this trend as soon as I start losing my hair. I just hope it will still be in trend when that happens. So what do you think? A personal choice or just the perfect solution for some?

Hairy Men vs. Hairless Men

Ever wondered what people are thinking about your body hair? What about hair on your head or going bald?

This is actually a topic most men are looking an answer for. It is somehow related to finding love interests or just remaining confident in public all the time with your overall look.

We’ll try to answer these questions and highlight the perceptions of the society on this topic. It will make it easier for you to decide as a man – that is to go hairy or hairless.

Divided Opinion

It is important to start with a simple point as this is also important to those who are thinking what they’re gonna do with their body hair. The society is accepting to both and there’s love that is seen in both approaches. We can never deny that.

The opinion is divided, but ebbs and flows are dependent on a person’s reasoning. If a group of individuals was asked about the subject, they would state it is not a major issue after all and can be dealt with lightly as long as the person is happy with what he is rocking.

Selective Hair is Good

Selective hair is good – meaning in the right areas it can do wonders. Most people don’t appreciate back hair, but they don’t mind a bit of chest hair. The same goes for individuals who don’t enjoy pubic hair but don’t mind a bit of hair on the leg as long as it’s controlled.

The topic of manscaping will be touched below, but selective hair is a significant trend that’s been seen for a long time.

Manscaping is a Must

If there is one thing most people agree within the society, it’s the importance of “manscaping.” This is the idea of grooming your hair to make sure it does not come across as ungainly. This is something most men have to deal with whether it is their pubic hair or chest hair. You want to make sure it is treated with care, and you are reducing some of the extra hair that sits on top of your body parts.

You want to be careful about this and make sure it is not trimmed down to a point where it’s uncomfortable.

Hair on Head is Desired

Men who have hair on their head are desired more even though the bald look has its lovers. Society as a whole has illustrated hair can be important to those who have it on their head.

Men have a lot of questions when it comes to their body hair, and it all comes down to personal preference and comfort at the end of the day. Society is open to most things and there are people who enjoy one thing or another, so long as the man is content, it will go a long way for him.

It’s still Your Preference

This is what the majority of the society says. In my viewpoint however, a man can always resort to just continue having or flaunting his nature. As long as the body hair does not become any reason for him to look down on himself and lower his self-esteem. Nobody can tell you what you should do to your innate features. It’s true that society is influential and what they see on TV is one source of their opinion. Yours too is affected that is why it’s been a topic in the first place. But just love the hair, control it if it seems to become a definition of you already and you can do whatever you think would look good on you. In the end, your true love interest won’t look and feel discomfort about your body hair because beneath those hairs lies the one she fell for.

The Etiquette of Shaving for Men

Do you want to learn more about the etiquette of shaving? Men are always improving their techniques, but this is going to help illustrate what is required for 5-star shaving practices.

There’s more to your shaving everyday. Below guidelines will make it more interesting and fun.

#1 – Wash Hair first to Remove Natural Oils

Do this with warm water as it will open up the pores and make the hair softer. This will make the shaving easier for you. While doing this, make sure to get all parts of the face rather than being selective. It will make shaving easier and take your time with the neck hair as that can be coarse. This is an important step.

#2 – Apply Quality Shaving Gel

You should be spending time on finding a quality shaving gel because it will have a role to play and should be considered necessary. Most men think water will be enough, but that’s not true. It won’t last long enough as your lubricant. You will want to avoid a bloody scene as you might get hurt and cut smaller portion of your face, this is not a good practice. Unless you are sort of a psychopath who wants to see your self bleeding everytime.

#3 – Start on Cheeks and Neck

You will need to work on the coarse hair first, and that’s essential when you are shaving. You want to work on the cheeks and then neck as soon as you can. This normally takes time and you can never rush it if you want an even facial hair or lining perhaps. You need to be patient.

#4 – Light and Gentle Strokes

You want to move towards light and gentle strokes when it comes to your shaving experience. If you are not using light and soft strokes, you will clog up the razor or get hurt. Again, do your shaving on a well lit room and be patient!

#5 – Rinse with Cold Water

Apply cold water on the finished area. This will ensure the pores can close up and you don’t end up dealing with in-grown hair. It’s essential to do this as soon as the shaving is complete rather than waiting for the pores to remain open and cause pain. The irritation can be hard to deal with for most men. A moisturizer can help remove the irritation at this stage. So you may want to include that in your shopping cart with your shaving gel.

Wrapping Up

These are the basics. The shaving technique these days is only improved by the accessories and products you are using but mostly the logical procedure is almost the same. It is a process that takes time to perfect, and as each man is having a unique face shape and facial hair type, every man will still have to deal with shaving unless you wanna invite the guinness book of world record to witness your attempt to steal the record from Sarwan Singh with 2.495 meters longest beard. See how gross it is!

The sooner you perfect this procedure, you will recognize the correct blades and shaving gel that fit. This is just one part of man’s vanity that you need to deal with. Well consider it a personal hygiene, end of conversation. 🙂

Ideal Hairstyles for Men with Curly/Wavy Hair


Today, more and more men are growing curly and wavy hairstyles, something that wasn’t common until recently. A few years ago, it was hard to spot a man with curly hair, and that is because of the negative perception evident in the society. It was said that men with curly hair should keep their hair short, but that is no longer a thing today. And I find that this hairstyle is working for a few people too.

There is no denying that wavy and curly hair type makes you stand out from the crowd. However, curly hairstyles are very susceptible to damage, something you may want to keep in mind before settling on a style. Also, note that wavy or curly hair behaves significantly different at different lengths. There is no particular rule as to what length you should go for, but as your length increases, the more your hair will vary in terms of look and behavior. The longer a curly hair gets, the more maintenance products there are to try on. (another deal for your pockets too!)

What makes curly hair different from straight hair

haircare-curly-men-innerWavy hair is very different when short, and that makes most men grow their hair longer. However, as the length increases, the hair acts differently and this discourages most people, assuming that they are doing something wrong. So, keep in mind that your hair behavior varies at different lengths and you shouldn’t feel discouraged by it. It is normal and also something you should factor in when choosing a particular hairstyle.

As mentioned earlier, curly hair can make you stand out from the rest and gives a different vibe from your personality. Wavy hair is common with artists, rock stars, musicians, actors and even individuals with rebellious nature. It’s also a cause of envy as most people desire they had such a type of hair. People spend hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars to curl their straight hair. So, be proud that you can rock such naturally. If you are still clueless on what hairstyle to settle for, here are a few inspiring wavy and curly hairstyles for men at varying lengths.

haircare-curly-men-inner (1)Curly Top with Undercut Sides

The Undercut is arguably one of the best hairstyles for men with both straight and curly hair. So, do not let the fact that your curly hair should stop you from rocking an undercut.

Let Down Wavy Hair

This is simply curly hair let down to the sides. Men with sharper and thinner faces are best suited for this style. If you have a round face, this style may not be the best one for you.

Long Tied back Wavy/Curly Hair

This is an ideal hairstyle for people who have been growing their hair for years. This style is nothing too fancy, but it’s perfect for men who don’t like having to take care of their hair too much but love the look of long curled hair.

Kit Harington’s Game of Thrones

This is certainly one of the best hairstyles out there. Kit Harington gained a great appreciation for his long wavy hair from Game of Thrones. This chin-length hairstyle is an excellent option for any man who wants to grow long curly hair.

These are just a few but some of the best curly hairstyles for men out there. However, remember that to rock great wavy hair, your hair care needs to be top notch. That is because curly hair is very prone to damage through tangling, split ends, roughness and frizz. So, if you have wavy hair, don’t compromise on hair care.


Real Men Don’t Wear Man Buns


20 years from now – maybe 10 years – we’ll look back on the 2010’s and think – “What the heck were man buns – and how did we let that happen?”

While the man bun has grown in popularity, it has to be called out for what it is – a terrible, terrible idea that no real man should intentionally choose.

haircare-manbun-innerJust… Why

Perhaps some guys think it makes them look “cool”. Or maybe they’re trying to channel their more feminine side. Or maybe they lost a bet.

Either way, seriously… it’s a disgraceful way to wear your hear when you have so many other choices. So please – if you’re considering a man bun, just stop. Please. For the love of everything which is holy… stop.

There is no good reason any man should ever have a man bun.

Alternatives to the man bun

Now that you realise (hopefully) that the man bun is simply a BAD idea, here are some long hair alternatives you can consider:

  1. Slick it back – how easy is that? You’ll look schmick and it’ll take you no time at all to do your hair in the morning
  2. Brush it out – let it loose, or use some product to keep it under control if you need to. Be natural if you can
  3. Tie it back – not my favourite, but you know… if you need to, it’s better to put your hair in a hair tie than put it into a bun or top knot (yeah I hate both!)
  4. Get it cut – if you can’t take care of your hair without putting it into a man bun or a top knot you don’t deserve to have long hair 🙂 So join the rest of us & get it cut short already

Gone Too Far

I remember this year seeing a store which was selling man bun hats. That’s right – a small (tiny) bowler’s hat you could attache to your beloved man bun.

At that point, I realized we (as a nation) had taken this too far. Something had to give. And I started to more passionately detest the increasingly-popular practice.

Is it as bad as the “underpants showing above the jeans” madness we’ve seen in recent years? Well, no… as much as I can’t stand the man bun, the undies display is still up there as may favourite “this is what’s wrong with fashion today” position.

Maybe I’m just getting too old, who knows…

Just my opinion

Now please bear in mind these are just the rantings of a middle-aged man who has pretty set views on life, the universe & everything.

You may not agree with these opinions.

And that’s totally fine. You don’t have to.

Just know that if you are a man, and you have long hair, and you still choose to wear a man bun or top knot after reading this post… well… you’re to blame for the degrading of modern society 🙂


Hair Care Tips for Men


There’s a saying that no man wishes he was bald. But I have to say – sometimes I am jealous of bald men for one simple reason: less hassle with their hair!!!

OK so maybe it’s a silly complaint, but when I think about the amount of time I have to spend washing, brushing, styling and cutting my hair – and the associated costs – well, sometimes I’m tempted just to shave it all off.

I’m sure I’d regret it 5 seconds after doing so but it doesn’t stop the thought from entering my head…

To be honest though, all things being equal, I am glad I’ve still got a decent amount of hair on my head. So with that out of the way, I want to show you some of the tips I’ve picked up about looking after my hair – I hope you find them helpful!

haircare-sydneyBarber Sydney Options

Firstly, if you’re paying $5 or $20 for your haircuts – sorry – you’re just not helping yourself. If you really want to get the most of your hair, you simply have to discover the difference in service and results you get by visiting a premium barber Sydney has. I can almost guarantee you that one visit to a high end hair salon will change your mind forever.

From the quality of products they use to the level of customer service, I was totally blown away by the comparison when I first tried it.

Go easy on the product!

The more product you use on your hair, the more oily it’s likely to look – and the more chance that you’ll be causing damage to it over the long term.

Talk with your hairdresser to find out the optimal amount of product you should be using, and do your best to not exceed that limit.

From what I can gather, most women don’t like men’s hair that looks “forced” into shape, instead preferring the “natural” look. I’m sure they’d prefer to be able to run their fingers through your hair than get their hand stuck when they try 🙂

haircare-menstips-innerAvoid overwashing

If you use lots of product in your hair every day (see previous point!) you’ll need to rinse out that product every day to avoid buildup – but go easy on the shampoo. Once every other day should be fine in most cases. Any more than that and you’re probably going to damage your roots.

Avoid cheap products

Sorry: supermarket hair products are NOT what you want! While more expensive, quality trusted brands should be your go-to every time. They will generally last longer, contain fewer “nasty ingredients” and ultimately they will give you a better result.

Remember Your Comb

The beauty of the humble comb is that it’s perfect for removing build-up and knots from your hair. Every haircare-menstips-inner-1man should have one in their hair care arsenal – don’t leave home without i!

Check with your men’s hairdresser

I’m no hair expert, so be sure to check with your hairdresser to get the right advice for your unique hair & scalp type.

Take their advice seriously, noting any recommended routines & products, and check in with them at your next haircut to see how the changes have affected the overall health of your hair.